S5830XXKPP Samsung Galaxy Ace Android 2.3.6 Stock ROM

Finally we got the first Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread for Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830, this ROM has been reported as an official firmware update in Russia but not confirmed yet. The firmware build number is S5830XXKPP with CSC file SER - S5830SERKPP a firmware letter code for Russia. So the default language of this ROM is Russian but mostly European and English language were also included for it is indicated as 'XX'- which is a regional firmware release code for European regions.

Firmware details:
Phone: S5830XXKPP
Version: Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread
Build date: October 10, 2011

The file is compressed in a single packaged .tar.md5 - the BOTLOADER,  PDA,and CSC were combined in a single Odin flashable stock. Just put that file in the 'One packaged' in Odin button if you want to manually upgrade your device. You can grab the stock ROM via Przekret who shared us this file. This ROM is around 100 MB in size.  GT-S5830_SER_S5830XXKPP_S5830XXKPP_S5830SERKPP
Pass: sampro.pl

Asian, Latin America and Arabic Android 2.3.6 for Galaxy Ace might came out sooner. You may check out the Samsung Galaxy Ace most latest firmware available in each specific countries - view Stock ROM list here


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  2. Please tell us more details about the latest Android 2.3.6

    What are the good stuffs that you will see and experience using with the latest one?

  3. I have upgraded successfully my Galaxy Ace from 2.3.4 to 2.3.6, it seems to be fine.

    I think if I am not mistaken one thing has been addressed here in the new version is that they replaced this list items bouncing effect (which essentially gives a bit lag) with the glossy effect when it reaches the bottom/top while scrolling.

    No change on graphical interface.
    Wi-Fi is OK
    Unlock is faster
    Market Apps is OK

    Will be posting more soon ...

  4. I have been using my phone with the latest Android 2.3.6 since yesterday with the following apps such as FM Radio, Angry Bird, Wi-Fi, Music and Bluetooth.

    The battery life is so impressive.

    Will be posting more soon ...