S5830DXKT5 Asia Samsung Galaxy Ace Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread firmware update release, Stock ROM online

The Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread firmware update for 'Singtel' Singapore version of  Samsung Galaxy Ace is now recently online over Samsung Kies server. The build number is S5830DXKT5  with a build date of December 20, 2011. This is the firmware update from previous version S5830DXKPD which is Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread. This must be also available for all South East Asian countries like, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam and Philippines sooner.

Model: Samsung Galaxy Ace GT-S5830
Provider/Country: SINGTEL - Singapore
Product Code: GT-S5830OKAXSO
Latest firmware: S5830DXKT5/S5830OLBKT3/S5830DXKT4/S5830DXKT5
Modified: 12/20/2011
Version: Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread

As for now the Android 2.3.6 has been already been first spotted rolled out across Nordic Countries S5830XWKT7, other European regions no sign so far.

Here's the detailed guide on how to manually upgrade your Galaxy Ace to Android 2.3.6 using Odin downloader and the S5830DXKT5  stock ROM.
samsung galaxy Ace odin flash stock ROM
Grab the S5830DXKT5 firmware update in Odin Flashable Stock ROM at sammobile.
Check out the list of available Stock ROM for Samsung Galaxy Ace here.


  1. waiting for india version hope to see soon.. without bugs and great battery backup...

  2. what about middle east version?????!!!

  3. this is for the asia. i've checked on kies and the sales code. changed the sales code to XME (malaysia)

  4. why was my ace gps error after i upgrades my ace???please help me..

  5. can i root this?

  6. @onin using the old upd1.zip or cf root u can. but u will lose gps functionality.. evrything else works.. tested by me.. :)

  7. where i can get root zip file for s5830dxkt5. coz i not brave enough to simply root my device. can i use other region root file.

  8. hello boss my samsung galaxy ace s5830 is not working it shows the error
    trying with odin show BELLOW error

    Download Start...
    <0> Create File...
    <1> StartThread Detected : 1
    <2> StartThread Detected : 0
    <3> StartThread Detected : 0
    <4> StartThread Detected : 0
    <5> StartThread Detected : 0
    <6> StartThread Detected : 0
    <7> StartThread Detected : 0
    <8> StartThread Detected : 0
    <1> setup connection...

    help me boss
    what can i do now repply fast to