Odin Guide on How to Upgrade Samsung Galaxy Ace to Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread Firmware

Okay, here's the procedure on how to manually upgrade the Samsung Galaxy Ace GT-S5830 to Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread using the stock ROM S5830XXKPP. This is a bit risky on some part for beginners, but since most of us knows that Kies will sometimes messed up like stuck in the middle hanging while updating.
That is why Odin is very useful if using Kies while updating but  failed. By the way,  this Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread is not yet been available for all Galaxy Ace on some countries except in Russia for they got this already as released by Samsung Kies firmware update server. So, anyone who prepares an English (UK and US) and European languages can use this ROM.

Heres' what you need:
Download the stock ROM S5830XXKPP
Phone: S5830XXKPP

Android Version: 2.3.6 Gingerbread
Country: Russia
Build date: 2011 October
 pass: sampro.pl

Grab the ODIN Multi Downloader v4.38 and OPS File: Cooper_v1.0.ops

Samsung Galaxy Ace Odin flashing Android 2.3.6  S5830XXKPP

- Make sure you are running Windows on your PC with USB driver installed or have Kies installed.
A USB cable wire of your device, a good working USB serial port, sometimes the connection issues occurs because of a bad USB port of your PC and the USB cable.
- Make a back up copy of all important files stored on your phone, the file is a none wipe but it is better to have an extra precautions if something went wrong.
- Disable any antivirus and Kies installed, this program might also interrupt Odin while in flashing process.

1. Once you've already downloaded the S5830XXKPP stock ROM, extract it using winrar, winzip, 7zip or any rar file extractor program you have. Then you in the folder you can see the file
and the other file which we don't need this 'SS_DL.dll'.
2. Extract and run also the Odin v4.38 on your desktop.
3. On ODIN clickt the OPS button and load the Cooper_v1.0.ops file on it.
4. Hit the One packaged in the checkboxes options (the Auto reboot and protect OPS remain checked,
then at the lower part of Odin click on the One Packaged button then select and load the

5. Set the Samsung Galaxy Ace in Download Mode:
Turn the OFF the phone or remove the battery for a couple of seconds then put it back again. By pressing Volume Down+Power+ Middle buttons simultaneously the phone will then reboot into download mode.
samsung galaxy Ace Download mode
 6. If the device is already in download mode, connect the phone to PC, on ODIN window a COM Port mapping  turn to color yellow and indicates that the device is already 'added' -  means connected.
7. Once the connection set up is okay, begin the flashing by hitting the 'Start' button.

It only takes around 4 to 5 minutes to complete,  a progress bar on the left side of ODIN will show you the downloading progress. A word "PASS" will display once it finishes.
It's time to unplug the phone from PC, then do a factory data reset to clean all data caches and have a fresh firmware installed,  you can do this by Recovery Mode button - Home + Power Button, then toggle on using the volume button and select Wipe Data/ Factory Reset or by typing this code *2767*3855#.
To check the newly installed firmware update - by typing *#1234#.
Change the default Russian language to your Region, go to settings and then locate the locale and text icon, then find your native language. You may then also often check out the Samsung Galaxy Ace stock ROM list for future firmware updates.


  1. waiting for firmware galaxy ace s5830 for india 2.3.6 ... very poor service by samsung india too much delay .

    nokia was musch better and quicker for firmware updates...

  2. no need to wait. you can use the firmware mentioned on this article.

    i have upgraded successfully mine to 2.3.6 without any issues.

  3. Any issues with this rom?

  4. how to root 2.3.6 firmware

  5. If you wanna root after upgrade search for superoneclick on google. U can donwload the latest release and plug your phone on your pc and press root. It takes a while, after it finished rooting click also on non market apps and youre done!

  6. Hi great guide...works fine on my ACE ( Portugal Vodafone ) all of the apps are running fast and im very happy with the battery life ;)
    the only thing that is not working is packet data connection...is on but not working. before the update was working fine?? any help??

  7. see IM in india,,,i hav galaxy ace with indian firmware S5830DDQ6 with 2.3.4 in ma phone!!!
    CAN I FLASH THIS stock ROM S5830XXKPP IN MA ACE to get 2.3.6 version???

  8. Andre,

    you'll need to manually set your APN values and provider...

    You can get the values by contacting your carrier and asking, or Google-ing your carriers name and APN.

    You can set them under:

    Wireless and Networks- Mobile Networks - Access Point Names.

    Then: Hit the settings button- New APN- Input the values- Settings button- Save- Then select the APN you created.

    Good luck!

  9. is this possible to downgrade in this same way?

  10. great job....thanks a lot..u rescued my phone!!

  11. Poland - Play network provider - works perfectly !! thank you :)

  12. I’ve downloaded S5830DDKQ5 firmware from samfirmware.com…. Its the firmware for android 2.3.4…. But it has only d following files
    Can we flash a Galaxy Ace using d files above???? If yes how can we….

  13. does this rom supports arabic language ?
    please reply

    help needed for rom supporting arabic language