Solution: How to Fix Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Insert Sim Card Problem

If the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 unable to detect, read or if the phone does not recognize the SIM card. It could be the SIM card that is damaged or it could be a phone problem?
Here's the solution on how to fix the problem.... 

Try to insert a different SIM card on the phone and check if this works. If it does not work,  visually check the SIM card connector for possible damaged or clean it if necessary.
Try to repair the device firmware using PC Companion. If it still does not work, the problem may possibly on the phone's hardware components.

The solution below shows the connection line paths and components that holds of the Xperia X10 SIM card circuit. This may help in troubleshooting sim card problem issues.

On Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 the Sim card connector or slot is mounted on flex board assembly together with the microSD memory card holder. If the said flex is damaged it may result to "sim card and memory card not recognized problem". The the whole Sim card flex board is replaceable and it's not hard enough to find or purchase a replacement for it. 
Xperia X10 Sim card Flex cable wire board
You must check the Sim card flex board assembly first and ensure it has a good and in proper connection between the PIN connector on the PCB board.  Then replace it if found damaged. If the SIM Card flex seems still okay, refer to the solution below and then trace the corresponding SIM card pins connection line paths like: VSIM or VUIM, RESET, CLOCK, DATA and GROUND connections.

sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Insert SIM Card not detected problem
Check the SIM card flex pin connector solder status, resolder or replace if damaged.  Check each of the filter coils connected to it. Re-solder or replace if damaged. The VSIM can be read around 1.8V to 3V when the SIM card is inserted to the device. Lack of VSIM voltage or if it is missing is cause by a faulty power management IC. That's it, good luck!


  1. bro can u suggest me where can i buy sony xperia x10 Sim card flex board in India. It wud be gr8 help from ur side.

  2. very useful, thanks...
    fixed my x10 after empty microsim toi mini sim tray got stuck and i bent the pins as i forecefully tried to remove but it did not come out
    luckily the NC pin broke and others i adjusted well
    i broke the metal shield to get access to pins
    you need to pry open the x10 with a credit/debit card carefully and slide DOWN the case to reemove the stuck mini sim to micro sim and it will remain in the metal shield, which u will break after this using sharp knife? r hands and screwdriver on the sides or pull the metal shield to side near the joints to make it come off .