How to Flash Update/Upgrade Samsung Galaxy Tab P1000 to 2.3.3 Gingerbread - Procedures

Here's the step by step procedures with screenshots on how to flash and upgrade the Samsung Galaxy Tab P1000 to 2.3.3 Gingerbread firmware:

Download the following needed files in this process.


Flashing the 2.3.3 Gingerbread Firmware on Samsung Galaxy Tab P1000 Steps and Procedures Using ODIN:

1. Extract all the downloaded files in one folder.
2. Double click ODIN.exe to run the program.
samsung galaxy tab 2.3.3 gingerbread upgrade picture 01

3. Check these: Re-Partition

4. In the PDA section place the extracted main firmware .tar file.

5. Place the extracted .pit file in the PIT section .

samsung galaxy tab 2.33 gingerbread upgrade picture 02
6.  Turn the Samsung Galaxy Tab P1000 into Download Mode: Hold the Power and Volume down button at the same time and it will have a android robot in a triangle w/ a shovel digging,. Then connect the device to PC, the ID:COM box is and indication that the device is connected properly to PC.
samsung galaxy tab 2.3.3 gingerbread upgrade picture 03

6. Click the Start button and it will flash the firmware.
samsung galaxy tab 2.3.3 gingerbread upgrade picture 04

Wait until the whole process successfully completes...
7. Place the Samsung Galaxy Tab P1000 into Download Mode again.  Hold the Power and Volume down button at the same time, then connect it to PC.

samsung galaxy tab 2.3.3 gingerbread upgrade picture 05

2. DO NOT SELECT or CHECK the REPARTITION checkbox: Place extracted dbdata.tar file into the PDA section.
samsung galaxy tab 2.3.3 gingerbread upgrade picture 06

3. Hit START button to flash the dbdata.tar file.
samsung galaxy tab 2.3.3 gingerbread upgrade picture 07

4. When the Flashing completes Switch the Samsung Galaxy Tab P1000 into RECOVERY MODE status.
Use the Volume Up and Down buttons to navigate and Home Button to select while in Recovery Mode.

1. Hold Power and Volume Up together, this will switch the device into recovery mode.
samsung galaxy tab 2.3.3 gingerbread upgrade picture 08

2. Release Power after holding it for a second but continue to hold the Volume Up button until recovery menu appears.
samsung galaxy tab 2.3.3 gingerbread upgrade picture 09

Select wipe cache

Select wipe data/factory reset.

Select reboot
samsung galaxy tab 2.3.3 gingerbread upgrade picture 10

That's all! The Samsung Galaxy Tab now runs in Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread Update.


  1. Doesnt work.... I flashed my tmobile tab to the p1000 firmware, and I cant get passed the second step. Odin just sits there and does nothing... What am I doing wrong?? Help please!!

  2. Thanks. It's working great. I initially had an error when I tried to update the firmware via Kies. It failed and I got stuck on the a screen having an icon of mobile phone..exclamation..PC

  3. @adizz did you make sure that the .pit is nt selected? try pushing restart and then goin from step 2 i culdnt get odin to connect to my gtab after at step 2 but i fixed that issue

  4. I upgrate my SGT-P1000 successully with Kies. At the beginning, i'm stuck with Windows 7, and Kies keeps saying error at the upgrate procedure. Finally, I decided to run it on Windows XP and Bingo! Now i have Gingerbread 2.33, then done with rooting it!

  5. Hello, I completed the process above on the ATT SGH-I987. After all is complete, I get the splash screen, the nice song, but then Samsung keeps flashing slowly and nothing happens. I have tried everything. Can anyone please help?


  6. work's just great, all you guys need to do is to follow exact steps.
    Thank you for the post

  7. im having problem in extracting 2.3.3 firmware can any one help me

  8. Recovery mode does not start.what shall i do

  9. Recovery Mode not working. Only unchanging Samsung Galaxy Tab screen. Did I just brick my tab?

  10. Hi Ashley, It's not bricked. visit this thread here to get more details.

  11. not able to add google accounts after udating my tab....even tried to open youtube but it stops showing an framework error appears frquently

  12. i was trying to upgrade through kies, but stuk on a screen showing mobile, exclamation mark and a pc. i dont know how to get galaxy tab in download mode? it get upload mode by pressing all three keys but not going to download mode. plz help

  13. Is it necessary for my tab to be rooted !?

  14. Nope! Rooting will void your tab's warranty, if you are not so familiar in tweaking firmwares, I recommend that you only update your device over OTA or KIES.

  15. I HAVE a galaxy tab. after repairing the boot with rifftbox, i always flash with any kind of flash, it doesn't walk and always launch and stay at the place with words "Galaxy tab". It doesn't continue. Can someone tell me more about and how to do?

  16. now the same galaxy tag writing:
    E:Error in /cache/ recovery/ (Status7)
    plz hel me

  17. thanks! you save my tab dude! =)

  18. thanks dude you saved my tab

  19. Hello,
    I have the same issue as clotaire
    E:Error in /cache/ recovery/ (Status7)
    and other errors on E: drive
    Thanks for helping us

  20. can i repair my tab using this steps? I rooted my tab and it keeps on booting. will this method help me to repair my tab?

  21. worked for my gt-p1000, rootet again and now running cyanogenmod

  22. thanks gan atas bantuannya..akhirnya setelah sehari semalem oprek2 ni galaxy tab 7 yg error karna mau upgrade costum rom,terbantu juga permasalahan saya..

  23. need password for firmware croatia.