How to Flash Update/Upgrade Samsung Galaxy TAB P1000 Firmware

Here's the step by step procedure on how to Flash, Upgrade or Update the Samsung Galaxy TAB P1000 Firmware.

Disclaimer: Make sure to select the right firmware version that only match with your region. Firmware versions may varies from countries or regions and or service providers. Do Not Apply this method if you are not familiar with firmwares. This procedure are for advance users only and not recommended for beginners.  Proceed with necessary precautions,... We are not liable if something happens to your phone.

Tools needed in this process:
Samsung Galaxy Tab P1000 Downloader Program:
Download link 1, Download link 2 
Driver: Samsung P1000 Galaxy Tab USB Drivers
Download link 1, Download link 2 

USB Data Cable

Firmwares: Samsung P1000 Galaxy Tab Firmwares
P1000XXJH8 - P1000_XXJK5-OXAJK5 - P1000_XXJM6-OXAJM6 - P1000_XXJMA - P1000_XXJMC - P1000XWJMF - P1000XWJMI - P1000JPJM4 - P1000JPJM5 - P1000XWJMK - P1000BUJMC - P1000XXJMG-OXA

Firmware Flashing Steps and Procedures:

1. Run Samsung Galaxy TAB P1000 Firmware Downloader program.

2. Check these: Re-Partition + Auto Reboot + F.Reset Time checkboxes.
     Select PIT file in its field.  

3. Prepare the Device Into Download Mode ( Press Volume Down + Power ON button at the same time).

4. Connect Data Cable To Phone.
The highlighted yellow ID:COM box is and indication that the device is connected properly to PC.

If you still do not get any results, try another USB port on your computer.

5. Start to Flash the PIT file by clicking Start Button. Then wait... Do not touch the phone until  a "PASS"  appears on the left side of the screen is an indication that when the process successfully completes.

6. Click on Reset button, then unselect Re-Partition box. Then select and load the PDA, PHONE and CSC Files each in each desired boxes.

9. Remove the battery, then enter Device into Download Mode again ( Press Volume Down + Power ON button at the same time)., then connect to the PC.

10. Start Downloading PDA, PHONE and CSC files by clicking Start Button. Then wait... The phone will be flashed and once it’s finished, it will boot up. Do NOT disconnect the usb-cable, remove the battery or otherwise interrupt this process! A "PASS"  appears on the left side of the screen is an indication that when the process successfully completes.

11. When the flash download completes... Do Full Reset: *2767*3855#.


  1. ON reboot I get the following:
    Undate Media: Please Wait
    Update Media: finished
    --INSTALL from package--
    Finding update package
    Opening update package
    Installing Update
    csc: deleting /system/csc

    (then it reboots over and over) Some help here?

  2. Do wipe and full factory reset first. Then try again...

  3. I disconnected usb during instalation and now what I can do?I can t on my tablet..they stay picture on the display whit phone and computer and interupted sing between.please help

  4. Added!!
    Odin v.3 engine (ID:16)..
    File analysis..
    Get PIT for mapping..
    Firmware update start..

    Complete(Write) operation failed.
    All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 1)

    what do now?

  5. successfully flashed my galaxy!!!! thanks man!!!thank you very much!!!!

  6. Hi,
    Thanx for such nice tutorial.
    Where im stucked now is that when the device got rebooted after i pressed the start button first time when the re-partition was also checked and we only selected the pit file. It gave me a green pass sign and the device turned off from the "phone ! pc" sign. But now im waiting for a long time and its not turning back on. I tried the the combination of buttons for the download mode as well but its not responding.
    After a lot of wait the phone gave a signal of life and is now stuck at the battery sign screen. The same screen it gives when its turned off and we are charging it. Only a big battery at the center of the screen. And that battery is not even being charged.

    What should i do now?? should i remove it from the pc or what.
    btw before connecting it to the pc i charged my tab for atleast 25 hours or so. So i know its not the case of less battery.
    Plz help.. Thanx..

  7. Hi there Fez, The "phone ! pc" sign means that the connection is weak. check the USB connection again. then repeat the whole process.

  8. Don't worry, i had that experienced before, just charge your battery first, continue plug cable into device and flash your rom from begining,the phone!PC logo will just goes off and continue flash..........

  9. hi, my tab also got phone pc signal during unsuccessful installation from kies. now its not going in download mode by pressing power button and down volume key. what should i do?

  10. Hi my tab now get stuck at the Samsung Galaxy Tab logo after I Start to Flash the PIT but before I click the Reset ,a power trip in my house. Any help pls ?

  11. Hey, how can we remove battery of galaxy tab....
    This is just not acceptable as our back cover is locked...
    What if something happens to our tab ??????

    is there any way without removing battery........

  12. Hi Im in Namibia. My Gt-P1010 does not connect with BT bluetooth keyboards. Does pick it up during pairing but does not work at all afterwards. The bluetooth light on keyboard keeps on blinking. What can i do to solve problem? appently the HID is removed?

  13. i have dl all the files on this page and dont have any pda or phone files??? where do i get those from??

  14. I disconnected usb during instalation and now what I can do?I can t on my tablet..they stay picture on the display whit phone and computer and interupted sing between.please help

    CONTACT ME AT for answer

  15. @deepen
    Remove the battery for an hour.. If it won't boot up to normal in the power button.. try to switch to download mode again.
    your device can be recovered only if you'll get in download mode and flash a fresh firmware again.
    If it doesn't, the only option is to send it to your nearest service center. Only force JTAG flashing can recover it.

  16. after restarting i always got the galaxy tab logo and nothing more....!!!
    what can i do now?!!

  17. I'm a Malaysian I would keen to know which rom should i download? Please help i need to restore back to stock for warranty claim.