How to fix Samsung Galaxy Tab that freeze, frozen and hang at logo

How to fix Samsung galaxy tab that freeze or frozen and hang at logo.

This is the way how to fix the Samsung Galaxy Tab that freezes with simple steps and instructions.

If the Samsung Galaxy Tab may sometimes hang or freeze at boot ups and or opening or using some applications. To fix this problem you may try hard reset or factory reset the device.

Note: This process will delete all data from your tablet except current
system software and bundled applications, or SD card files. Back up first of all the important files stored on your device.

1. Turn the Galaxy Tab Power Off.
2. Press and hold the Power ON/OFF and Volume Up buttons.
The device will then boots up to a recovery mode.
A selection MENU will then appear such a:
*Reboot system now
*Apply SD card update
*Wipe Data/Factory reset
*Wipe cache partition

3. Select the Reboot system now. Use Volume Up and Down button to make selection and  “Home” or “Power” button to enter (Depends on Galaxy Tab model). 

If it doesn't solved the problem, repeat the process then this time do and select the Wipe Data/Factory reset.

See this video for further instructions:


  1. It didn't give me the selection menu but it did power up normally. thanks.

  2. I'm trying to do that but my home key does not work

  3. Hi Pedro, Try the Power button...

  4. my galaxy tab is crashed at the time of updating the software from samsung kies, (there is hazard symbol in between computer and phone0
    please suggest me to solve the problem

  5. The hazard symbol just indicates a connection error. Check the connection again.. disable any anti-virus if you are using KIES.

  6. what if the bottom toolbar is frozen would this still help?

  7. my galaxy p6200 doesnt power up. when charged, battery icon has a hazard sign in it. tried system rec by following the instruction above but it doesnt work. doesnt charge as well. could it be the battery?

  8. i cant on/off it.... oh gosh, i bought it just a month.... or even less, its just 2 weeks, and it hang like 4 or 5 times already, cannot on/off cannot volume up/down. I am wacthing movie and suddenly hanged there and that part of the movie the sound is an animal roaring angrily.... and the sound keep repeating... so how now? the sound is annoying and it have 88% battery, it takes a long for it to finishes the battery..

  9. hi >> i do every thing right but when manual mode appears it restart again and the selection menu wont show ??? any suggestion