Samsung Galaxy Tab GT-P1000 2.3.6 Firmware Package Download

These are Samsung Galaxy Tab GT-P1000 firmware files for advanced users.  These Firmwares can be used to unroot or removed root, upgrade, downgrade fix soft-brick the Samsung Galaxy Tab GT-P1000..
The Samsung Galaxy Tab P1000 originally runs with  Froyo 2.2 and then upgraded to 2.3.3 and 2.3.6 Firmwares these days and will stay on 2.3.6 and might be there will be no more updates to come.

Samsung galaxy tab froyo and gingerbread firmware

Samsung Galaxy Tab GT-P1000 2.3.6 Firmware Download

Austria  Download Mirror (234.85 MB)
Switzerland .....  Download  Mirror (230.05 MB)
Germany ........  Download  Mirror (230.05 MB)
Greece ..........  Download Mirror (230.26 MB)
Italy ............    Download  Mirror (241.48 MB)
UK (O2) ......  Download  Mirror (295.01 MB)
Netherlands  Download Mirror (235.46 MB)
Belgium .....  Download Mirror (230.05 MB)
Czech  Download Mirror (230.66 MB)
Poland (play) .....  Download Mirror (247.98 MB)

Old firmware versions are unavailable for now due to shutting down of hot file. We will just update this post if those file are available soon.
You can find the procedures on How to Flash a stock firmware on Samsung P1000 Galaxy Tab.


  1. Hi there...

    Would like to ask what us the difference between the 3 firmware as shown under the Asian-P1000?

    Thks in advance for ur advise.

  2. We can't tell, since we haven't tried those firmwares.

  3. Please,

    Can you tell me what is firmware for brazilian devices???

    Thank you!

  4. hi there, pelase help me...

    why i cant get HSDPA signal with galaxy tag carier T-mobile?

    i live in Indonesia. I used ginger from asia.

    please help me :(

    thanks in advanced

  5. can i get Version 2.3.3 in arabic

  6. hi there amhed, we don't have any report yet about Arabic 2.3.3 update for tab.. we will inform you when we got.

  7. thanks Kc and Kim

  8. Hey ahmed just got it.. Galaxy Tab 2.3.3 Gingerbread

  9. thank u Kc and Kim
    very very much for the Version
    2.3.3 Gingerbread

    i will try it >>>>

  10. hello! i have the galaxy tab that corresponds to P1000JPJM5 Version 2.2

    However, i want to update to Gingerbread. I dont care about arabic either. When connecting my Galaxy tab to Kies, it says "this version of the device could not be updated!"

    what do i do? ive never updated my device, and i dont know where or how to start ! any advice would be very much appreciated ! thanks..

  11. Hi dear Hossama, here' some factors why kies won't let you update:
    - No latest update available yet in you region or service provider.
    - Previously installed a custom ROM, rooted etc.

    Some user's from other Regions updated their Tab by using Odin and using other Regions firmware released.

  12. Hello, I see that 816.PIT has a .dap extension, not a pit extension... what is this?

  13. I bought Galaxy Tab here in Saudi Arabia. My current firmware is:
    PDA: P1000JPJJ1
    Phone: P1000JXJJ1
    CSC: P1000JPJJ1

    Can I change to another region's firmware and How to do so?
    What difference can it make?

  14. If you upgrade, a lot of user experience, enhancements and improvements will change. Upgrading the galaxy Tab to other regions firmware is risky and might brick your device, but if you do so, you can still change it.

  15. I bought Galaxy Tab 7 here in India. My current firmware is:
    PDA: P1000DDJK3
    Phone: P1000DDJJ1
    CSC: P1000ODDJJ1

    I want to have a froyo firmware backup before upgrading to gingerbread.
    BUT not even a single froyo firmware is similar from your list.Help me to choose???

    next,I want to know that is 2.3.3 is really better than froyo and is it worth to update to it.Does 2.3.3 have any drawbacks or problems. If yes ,plz tell me???

    Updating through odin using above firmware can void warranty or not???
    and in future is it possible for me to again downgrade to froyo??

    THANKS in advance.
    waiting for your precious opinion.

  16. hi there....
    i am from india which firmware should i use to update my tab p1000.
    plzz suggetst....

  17. Hi I am currently in Nepal, Which firmware should i download.
    Currently My device is showing.

    PDA: P1000XWJPA
    Phone: P1000XXJPZ
    CSS: P1000XXJPA

  18. hi bro, which firmware is similiar to xwks2 ( galaxy ace ) for p1000 . coz xwks2 support tamil fonts. wait for your reply.

  19. my firmware version is P1000DXJJ1 can i use P1000DXJJ2?